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Finding a Domain for a Software Product

Finding a short, 4-6 letter brandable domain name for your software project can be hard. Your first option should always be to find a clean and easily rememberable brand name, try to acquire the .dom domain for that brand.
Examples of 5-letter Brandable Domains:
However, the availability of short, readable 4 or 5 letter domains is steadily shrinking and you might have a good name that you want to go for, but the dot com is simply not available.

So what do you do if you are set on a name, but the .com top ending is not available to you? You get creative.
You Want a Dot Com Name The .com Top Level Domain is and will remain the gold standard of domain endings. Although Top Level Domains such as .app, .io or .software are useful, people generally use the .com ending when they are trying to remember a site's domain.

It's good to acquire the alternative top levels to avoid confusion with other software products taking using the same name for the…