Dragon Value | Power, Strength & Wisdom

Dragon Value is a great name for a company that offers value and quality. The domain DragonValue.com is in the Eykol Domain Portfolio and is available.

Dragon Meaning

In many Asian cultures, the dragon is a symbol of power, strength, and good luck for people who are worthy. In other cultures, the most common meanings of the dragon have to do with fortitude and courage.

Celtic dragons are considered the most powerful of all the Celtic symbols. The dragons are used as a symbol of power and wisdom among leaders and as creatures they protect the Earth and all living things.

Value as a Trigger Word

The word Value is generally considered to be a trigger word. Trigger words, or power words, are words that trigger specific associations. They trigger a response in people, either positive or negative. Power words can make you feel anything from being scared, encouraged, aroused, angry, greedy, safe, or curious.


Dragon Value could be a brand name for a value-oriented retail operation or online store. It could also be a website focused on Value Investing in Asia. The dragonvalue.com domain in part of the Eykol Domain Portfolio.

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