eGulo | The eCommerce Wolverine

Egulo is a great made-up word that would be perfect as a Brand Name. Egulo only has 5 letters and easy to both read and speak out. That makes it very easy to remember.

Creating a made-up name for a brand has advantages. The primary benefit is that your website will easily rank first place on name searches as the name is totally unique.

Brand to Market Fit

As a brand name, Egulo could be a fit in a variety of industries. This could include, but is not limited to:
  • High-end Chocolate Brand
  • Clothing Brand
  • Design Agency
Another idea would be to play with the word Gulo. Gulo is the genus of mammal species that include the Wolverine (l. Gulo Gulo). An eCommerce company called eGulo could, therefore, use the Wolverine as a visual icon or reference for the brand. 

The .com Top Level Domain is the godfather of domains. It is the TLD that has people's Top of Mind. Therefore, for a brand owner, owning the .com TLD to your brand is crucial. 

The domain is one of the domains in the Eykol Domain Portfolio. If you are interested in acquiring the domain, contact us for terms.


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