Get Typer | A Great Name for a Content Agency

Content and Copywriting have become ever more crucial to business success as the world has moved online. As websites and social media accounts have become the central instruments of corporate marketing efforts, having an overarching content strategy is critical. The brand name Typer, coupled with the domain name would be a perfect combination for a content & copywriting agency.

Content is King

In 1996, a young Bill Gates wrote a seminal piece called "Content is King" where he argued that the internet would allow people to publish and distribute information at almost zero marginal cost. Gates predicted that this would deliver immense opportunities to both people and businesses, big and small. is a premier domain that would highly suitable for a Content & Copywriting agency. The domain enjoys the following features:
  • Short and easy to remember
  • Typer is a made-up noun derived from the verb to type
  • The verb to get is a trigger word or a call to action
  • The .com Top Level Domain is the gold standard of TDLs. 
The domain is one of the domains in the Eykol Domain Portfolio. If you are interested in acquiring the domain, contact us for terms.


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