How to Come up with a Startup Name?

So you are thinking to start a new business. You have already created a perfect business plan to succeed. After hours of market research, you have finally created your business prototype. You have spent hundreds of hours analyzing your competition. Now, you are ready to turn your plan into a reality.

You have also thought about how you will raise funds for your company. But, first, you need to name your company. Most business owners already have a startup name in their mind. But, will that name work?

Many people think that naming your business is a minor task. But, it is actually the most undervalued and important part of your startup. The name will stick to your startup for years to come. Thus, you need to select the perfect name for your startup. You can’t change the name of your startup in the future.

We know that it is hard to come up with a startup name. Hence, we have simplified the naming process for you. Below are some tips which you should keep in mind before naming your startup.

1. Keep your startup name short

All the startups that grew up to be billion-dollar companies like Nike, Tesla, and Apple have short and simple names. It is easy to say and remember these names. If people can’t say your company name in one breath, then you should change your company name.

Your startup name shouldn’t sound like a long paragraph. You can have up to two words in your company name. For example, Quick Sprout has two words still it is easy to pronounce.

If your startup name is short, then people can easily remember it. This will help you in offline marketing campaigns. Your consumers can easily recommend your startup to other people.

Short Name ideas:
2. Try to be unique.

Make sure that your startup name is original. Don’t copy other successful brand names. You need to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Remember, your startup name must be easy to remember.

Also, avoid using common names like “James Repairing Service”. There are hundreds of repairing companies which are using the same name. Thus, you will get lost in the crowd. Your brand name must stand out from the crowd. 

Unique Name Ideas:

3. Play with words

You can mash-up different words to come with a great name. For example, Instagram is a combination of two words “telegram” and “instant”. Its name reflects the core idea of the app. You can instantly send your message or photo to your friends.

There are many different companies which use the same strategy. Waze is another very famous app that changed its name from Free Map Israel to Waze. Their app core function is to provide a vast number of ways to reach a specific location. Thus, they changed “Ways” to “Waze”. You can do similar wordplay to come up with a unique name. 

Ideas for Word-Play Names

4. Find a Domain Name

Almost every business has a website. If you want to expand your business, then you must buy a domain name for your business. Once you have decided the name of your business, you need to buy its domain.

There are various domain providers which sell domain names. If someone has already purchased the .com domain, then don’t settle for another extension. Many business owners end up buying .net or .org domains. These domains have less authenticity when compared it .com. Thus, you must always try to buy a .com domain name.

If your domain name is already taken, then you can come up with a new name for your business. 

5. Feedback is important.

Once you have settled on a name, you can ask for feedback from your friends or audience. You can also ask your team members to come up with an original name. Write down names that you think are perfect for your company.

After that, you can reach your friends or family. Ask them what they think about your company name. If everyone likes a specific name, then you can go with it.


What’s in the name? Everything.

Your startup name will become the identity of your brand. Make sure that you are choosing a memorable name. Your startup name must resonate with your audience. But, don’t settle for .org or .net domain names. If you want your website to rank, then always aim for .com domains. Thus, don’t select a name which is already booked by someone else.


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