Snedly | A Marketplace of Everything

According to Urban Dictionary, Snedly is a word meaning everything or anything. Snedly is short and easy to remember. Snedly is also an English surname.

There is a Marvel Comics character called Corporal Harry Snedly. Corporal Snedly is the real identity of a character called The Wolf, which appeared in the comic Apache Kid in 1951.

Another fictional character by the name of Snedly appears in an Indiana Jones comic. Dr. Snedly was chairman of the Natural Sciences department at Barnett College which covered archaeology.

Snedly as a Brand Name

Snedly is short and easy to remember, which makes it very suitable as a brand name. Using a made-up word as a brand name can be very beneficial. As the word is made up, there is a void on search engines, meaning it will be easy to rank first place for those searches. It basically, means that your customers can easily find your website when they try to look you up.

Use Cases

Snedly would be a perfect name for an online marketplace. Other use cases where Snedly would be a fitting brand name:

  • Digital Agency
  • Clothing Brand
  • eCommerce Site

The domain is one of the domains in the Eykol Domain Portfolio. If you are interested in acquiring the domain, contact us for terms. 


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