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Domains for Finance Firms

For companies offering financial services, trust is everything.

You only have a few seconds to make a strong first impression...or about the time it takes for a potential customer to read the name of your business.

For a finance company, your name needs to exude values such as:

Available Finance

Two Catchy App Name Ideas

There are three rules when it comes to selecting a name for your app:

Your app name has to be catchyThe name of your has to be catchy...and you have to select a catchy name for your app Apart from the golden rule of three, there's one more. It's actually not a rule but more of a guideline:  Tip: Add a call to action to your domain Available app domains: Secure Your Domain Name Contact us and secure a name for your app.

The Value of .edu Backlinks

The .edu Top Level Domain is exclusively intended for educational institutions. Since 2001, the U.S. Department of Commerce made the .edu TLD exclusive to United States-affiliated institutions of higher education
Due to the exclusive nature of the .edu TLDs, Google treats backlinks from .edu domains as a very important ranking signal. Since, .edu domains are exclusive institutions such as Harvard, MIT, Columbia and the likes, they are sources of high authority. In the same vein, winning backlinks from a .edu domain is extremely difficult. 
A page that receives a backlink from a .edu domain will receive link juice from the page that is linking to it (as long as the link is a do-follow link), which will have a positive effect on the page authority of that page, as well as the domain authority of the domain.  It's hard to get a .edu backlink If getting .edu backlinks was easy, then they wouldn't be as valuable. There are no real shortcuts. It requires effort and luck. 
We got l…