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Eykol identifies and buys valuable domains. We are not domain flippers, we prefer to buy domains that we believe can be built into valuable websites. We tend to gravitate towards .com domains as quality .com domains are becoming an ever scarce resource.

Eykol owns the following domains that are available for sale or partnership:

5 Letter Domains

5-letter readable domains are easy to remember. 5-letter domains that consist of made-up names are suitable for building new brands as those words will have no competition on Search Engines.

Find 5 letter .com domains that are available for sale

Eykol Portfolio: 

Call-to-Action Domains

Domains with a Call-to-Action are great. Domains with the verb "get" are well suited for Apps,  Software or Subscription-based websites. 

Eykol Portfolio:

Application Domains

Domains with the word App at the end are good for app providers as they give the user information over the nature of the site. 

Eykol Portfolio:
Domains that are highly suitable for companies and brands in the financial services industry. 

Eykol Portfolio:

Brand Domains

Eykol Portfolio: 

Niche & Thematic Domains

Thematic domain names are names that are highly suitable for niche websites.

Eykol Portfolio: 


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