Website Assets

Eykol Labs develops online assets by building thematic websites. Our websites are a regular publisher of content and have developed authority amongst search engines on the specific niche that they target. Our current portfolio consists of the following concepts:

Fundamental Finance Playbook

The Fundament Finance Playbook is an online publication devoted to financing and investing. The website publishes fundamental research reports on individual stocks. 

How to Value Stuff

How to Value Stuff is a blog dedicated to the quest for value. What is value and how is it determined. the blog highlights concepts from different disciplines, ranging from economics and finance to philosophy and attempts to explain those concepts in layman's terms. 

Project Sensor

Project Sensor is a niche site, that targets the B2B sensor market. 

Nordic Fish Monger

The Nordic Fish Monger is a website that features products and companies within the Nordic fishing industry, spanning Iceland, Norway, Faroe Islands and Sweden. 


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